$116,891.83 internet earnings in One Month! I know, that’s a lot of money. That’s a cool 6 figures and no its not mine. That’s income report of a very good internet marketer called Pat Flynn from his Smart passive income website. That’s his income report for the month of August. Click here to see his August report.

I am not a fan of actually showing income report or anything like that. But i was going through his blog and i saw it and got inspired to write this post. What i want you to look at is not the amount he has made but how he made that 6 figures.

Most internet marketers make their entire earnings from one model of marketing while others made theirs from multiple sources. For Pat Flynn, that $116,891.83 was from multiple streams.

If you click on the August earnings in the link above and you visit the page. Look through the page and you will discover that he made that 6 figures from a combination of Google AdSense, affiliate marketing, digital product sales, apps sales and seminars/public speaking.

That’s how top internet marketers make their money. They don’t put all their eggs in one basket. Granted there are lots of internet marketers who make 6 figures from just one site or model of marketing, but i believe they make extras from other sources. Every income adds up.

To be able to build a sustainable internet business, create multiple streams of internet income. If you have multiple streams of internet income, the loss of one income stream will not devastate you the way losing your only stream would. If you rely on only one source of income and that single income source goes away, then you go broke and have to start all over again.

Even if you have one site that gives you all your entire income for now, you should find a way to generate more income from that site. If you are a blogger and you make money from Google AdSense, you can add banner ads to your site from banner networks and make additional money.

Or maybe you have managed to get your website to that magical point where you have established popularity, traffic, loyalty and a community of fans. Your site contains a wealth of information, resources and services that you provide free. You can sell ad space on your site without going through a third party. That’s another income stream

I make money from multiple streams. I make money from affiliate/CPA marketing, selling digital products and freelancing. Soon i am going to add AdSense. I also intend to go into building my own plugins (I tried that before but failed). I am going to give it one more try.

No, you can’t start making your own 6 figures right away. Pat Flynn did not start making 6 figures his first month or year. He has been doing it for years and he went from making 2 digits to making 4 to making 6 monthly. You need to also start somewhere.

Creating multiple streams is one thing. Your ability to manage them is another. When you’re getting ready to run multiple online businesses, you should be sure that you have enough hands to catch every ball.

For most people, running just one business is challenge enough. But if it’s well planned, you will discover that you capable of keeping multiple sites or models at the same time. One secret is to Work at night. You can get a lot of work done between 9 and 1 a.m. That’s the most productive time for me.

You can also outsource some tasks and get many things done.

There are thousands of ways to create multiple streams of online income. You just have to keep learning and finding ways to expand your internet marketing knowledge. Do not rely on one streams of income. Diversify and find a way to manage all your businesses.

Hope you like this post.

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