When most people think of social media sites, they see a place where you can come to look at gossip, follow trends or a place to talk about what you wore to last night’s party. Some see it as a place to waste precious time.

Yes Social media site can be a place to waste time if you don’t know how to use it. Its a place to actually get lots of leads ad prospects. Social media is the top internet activity online these days whether on desktop or mobile. People now spend more time on social media sites than they do on doing other online activities.

No matter your kind of business online or offline,you can take advantage of what these sites offer. The top social media sites include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Pinterest. There are lots of other social media sites.

How much time users spend on each of these sites and how engaging and interactive they are with the content are ways to actually evaluate the sites.

Facebook for example as at April, 2014 has about 1.28 users and about half of that number are active users. Twitter also has about a billion users and about 255 million monthly users. LinkedIn has about 300 million users while Pinterest has about 70 million users.

That is an indication that lots of people are on one social media site or the other. That’s a lot of potential customers and you can take advantage of these sites and make more money doing whatever you do online.

Its a lot cheaper to bring traffic to your site through these sites. In fact you can get traffic for free. Paid traffic is getting more and more expensive. So taking advantage of these sites will cut your advertising cost and improve your brand and make you more money.

Tips to Using Social Media Effectively​

Some of these tips will help you a lot:

1. Build a Relationship

To really be successful with social media sites, you need to build a relationship with other users and friends. That way you will be able to connect with prospects and make them buy your stuffs.

Your prospects need to trust you. So connecting with them will help you a lot. You need to post relevant post and take your time to build your fan base with likes and followers.

Engagement is really important. Increase engagement with questions, gifts, helpful articles, opinions, run polls, run competitions, photos, videos etc. You need to answer questions, reply to comments etc. The more relationships you build, the more prospects you get.

2. Be a Problem Solver

A lot of people are looking for solutions to problems and helping to solve problems will really help you a lot. Many people post questions on social media sites hoping that an expert will give them a solution.

Be the expert and try as much as possible to solve the problem. Not only will you win over the person but you will also win over so many other people in your niche.

3. Follow Trends

Social media sites are places to follow trends. Trends help you see the latest fad that should help you in knowing what people really want and are looking for. Ask yourself what people are looking for at this moment and what are the latest fads in your industry.

Take advantage of trends and hashtags. With some creativity, you can create a marketing campaign that goes with these trends. Consider riding the coattails of a trend by either tapping into a current trend or better yet, anticipate a trend and plan a campaign around it.

Twitter for example uses an algorithm that ranks topics that are immediately popular and tailors them to you based on who you are following and your location. Trends up to the second are shown in the left-hand column on your Twitter home page.

4. Join Groups

Join groups of like minded people on Facebook and LikedIn. Groups are places to get lots of prospects that will buy your stuffs.

Social media groups on Facebook and LinkedIn allow users to group their connections by common characteristics or interests. You can make money by marketing through social media groups in two primary ways.

First, they can create groups of clients or customers for target marketing. The second primary way is for you to join groups that others created. In such a group, you can enter the conversation by posting or chatting using target marketing techniques.

However don’t post advertisement because it is bound to get you blocked from most groups, and many customers do not respond well to that kind of marketing. Post relevant info in the groups and then you will get people to follow you or like your pages.

5. Link Your Social Media Accounts to Your Website

You can also integrate social media into your website. If you have Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn accounts, you can link them to your website. By linking your social network accounts, you can:

  • display your social network links on your website.
  • tell your social network contacts about your website.
  • post your website news to your social network accounts.
  • display your social network news on your website.

You can also link your social media sites to one another so that when you post on one of them, the post appear automatically on the others.

Hope you like this post. Cheers


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