To be successful as a freelancer on Fiverr or anywhere, You need to be able to attract visitors, engage prospects, Convert leads and fulfill orders.

As a successful freelancer on Fiverr some few years ago, i think i know what it takes to be a successful seller. I used to be a top seller in the graphic niche until i left Fiverr. Now i am back and ready to make it back to the top once again.

No two freelancers or entrepreneurs are the same, but the best and most successful do share some similar characteristics. Some of the most important characteristics of a good freelancer include hard-work, professionalism, great communication skills, persistence, passion & skills, time management/organization, persistence, flexibility and self-discipline.

These characteristics are needed if you want to build a sustainable business and bring real value to your clients.

We all have weaknesses. No one is born with or has mastered all these characteristics to perfection. You need to know which of these qualities you currently lack or could improve on.

So that been said, let me tell you the only steps needed to really make it on Fiverr, especially if you are new or having problems making sales.

1.Offer A Unique Offering with a Broad Appeal

The idea behind Fiverr is very simple — what will you do starting from five dollars? You Offer that service on their website and let someone pay you to get it done. Its that simple. But Sometimes it’s hard to think of something to sell especially when you don’t have any unique natural skills.

That’s why you need to do some research and brainstorm to come up with some things you could offer. This goes without saying, but before deciding what services to offer, make sure the pay is worth your time.

Fiverr showcases different services people can find. Not all gigs are the same. Price ranges vary widely thanks to the high number of different projects, which themselves vary in size and scope. Check for high in demand offers and find a way to learn how to offer them.

I always like a high-converting service or a service high in demand. You know a high converting service by looking at Fiverr’s 30-day conversion rate of each Gig — meaning the percentage of people who view an offering and then end up purchasing it. (Fiverr tracks a rolling 30-day conversion rate of each Gig).

You can also take a look at each category and sub categories and see the number of gigs the sellers have sold or orders they have in queue. The top gigs have the top guys with thousands of sales and hundreds of orders in queue. eBook cover design is an example of a service high in demand. Of course you can find gigs that are high in demand in the graphic, article and video categories.

Check out these high-converting Gigs because you have the potential to make more money with Gigs that have a proven track record of converting browsers into buyers.

There are many courses out there that can teach you how these services are done. Sites like Udemy, Lynda and others have quality training materials you can buy. Check out my Training also at

2. Practice and Perfect Your Skills…

Whatever you decided to offer on fiverr, you need to habitually practice that skill so you can compete with the present crop of great freelancers in that niche.

The demand for freelancers with excellent skills is increasing day by day. You need to see what others are doing and see if you can compete or offer a better service.

The only way you become exceptionally good is to practice everyday and improve your skillsets.

Practice using your new skills by building the types of projects that you want to eventually be paid to work on. Whether that’s logo designs, mobile apps, or something else entirely, the more you can differentiate yourself among a sea of competition with cool side projects and examples that’ll attract potential customers, the better.

Learning is an ongoing process. If you are a self-learner graphic designer, you’ll need to design at least one graphic template each day. The more designs you create, the better you become and the more you get used to updating your skills.

If you are a writer, learning every day can help you become more aware of the limits of your vocabulary. The more you practice, the more obvious that frequent word choices become. Once you know your limitations, you can expand your vocabulary by finding stronger words or experimenting with word order to see if there are other ways to get your message across.

In this way, writing practice can help you craft a distinct voice, which is something that every good writer must have, and it can help you on your journey to becoming a better writer.

3. Create some samples and Build a Professional Portfolio

A portfolio is a collection of records that reflect your accomplishments, skills, experiences, and attributes. It highlights and showcases samples of some of your best works, along with life experiences, values and achievements.

Adding a portfolio is certainly a plus because it showcases previous jobs you have done, hence, it tells a buyer what they are expected to get from you. If it looks great, it might just be what makes the difference.

It will help if you create time to develop a comprehensive portfolio Website and add to it some of your works you have practiced.

A portfolio could be a blog, YouTube channel, template website, Instagram page, Pinterest — the options are endless. Make sure to choose a platform you like because you’ll be the one using it the most. Note that not all these URLs are allowed in your Fiverr gig description as you can’t add them to your gig description because its against the terms of service. But you can certainly link from your portfolio site to your Fiverr gig.

When setting up your Fiverr account, you can also put your work and references into a PDF. In addition to adding a gallery image, Fiverr allows you to add a PDF. Add your works in a PDF and add that to your gig.

You can also use some portfolio sites allowed by Fiverr. These are the URLs you can add to your gig descriptions. The lists of allowed URL you can add to your gig is at

Remember that potential buyers want to see the work you’ve done, they want to get inspired. If you don’t put your work out there then nobody can see your work or ideas.

Make sure you also activate Your live portfolio for all your gigs when you start getting jobs. This is an important feature that allows buyers to see the work you’ve done on Fiverr.

To activate live portfolio… Check out this Post or this Post.

4. Set up a Great Fiverr Account..

Your survival in the gig economy relies heavily on your ability to market yourself—to rise above the others. If not, you run the risk of being overlooked or passed-up for yet another chance at the job, the experience and the paycheck. To stand out on Fiverr, you’ll need a good online profile that will make you stand out from the crowd and help you secure lots of jobs.

The first thing your client do is checking your profile to learn more about you. And an incomplete or a bad profile might give your clients the wrong impression of you. the first thing you need to do is create a complete and an attractive freelancer profile.

Use a clean, smart photo of yourself to match or use a logo if you don’t want to show your face.

When it comes to making your profile stand out, it’s really about showcasing who you are, why you do what you do, and the principles that guide your work. Treat your profile as an opportunity to introduce yourself to potential customers and create a space where they can get to know you and your professional style. A great profile inspires confidence and enthusiasm in buyers and is an important part of building your Fiverr business!

Create a perfect title for your gig, Upload an attractive gallery image, choose Your Gig Metadata Carefully, Optimize Your Gig Search Tags, Make the Most of Packages:,

Create a Compelling Description, Make the Most of Frequently Asked Questions, Create the Requirements You Need and Add a Video to Your Gig if necessary.

In your description, rather than explaining the “what”, focus on the “how”. How will you able to boost your client’s business sales by 200% etc. People are much more intrigued by your ability to solve problems and drive results, rather than the granular details of what you do.

Fiverr also lets you connect your social networks and portfolios with your freelancer profile. Even though the links to your social profiles won’t be shown to your clients, it’s important that you connect at least a couple of your social profiles with the platform as it helps Fiverr to better understand you to create a more personalized experience.

Whatever your Gig is, whether it’s in graphic design, programming, writing or anything else, it’s important to find a creative way to demonstrate through your profile why you are the best choice for that job.

5. Promote Your Gig to Reach New Buyers off Fiverr..

The only way to make sales on Fiverr is to get that visibility. If no one can find your gig then there is no way you will make sales.

Promoting a new Fiverr gig is more important now than ever—especially due to the huge competition now on the platform. Most new sellers may have to promote their Fiverr gigs in order to quickly boost traffic and make sales.

There are literally thousands of freelancers offering the same job as you, so relying on Fiverr for traffic may prove insufficient.

The only way to quickly standout is to put in place a good gig promotion strategy that will help you beat your competitors. You can use sites like YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, forums, Medium and your personal blog to promote yourself and your service. The more people you can reach, the better the potential to make sales.

Use the buyer request section regularly to see what buyers are requesting for.. There are tons of request there everyday and you can get one or two sales from that section.

6. Good Communication Skills..

Great communication is the key to long-lasting relationships, and this is why buyers like sellers that can communicate well enough to understand what they want. You can set up the best gig with quality images and with rich portfolio that others envy, but if you can’t communicate with your potential clients, you’ll never succeed.

When you’re trying to land a gig, you have to communicate with the clients. Some of them are non-native English speakers, so you might misunderstand their requirements. Some clients are not so great at explaining all their needs. As a freelancer, you need advanced written communication skills. You have to ask for clarification in a non-offensive way, so you’ll make sure you understand what the client needs.

You also need to maintain the communication on a healthy level. No one asks you to become friends with a regular client. You just need to approach all messages with a positive attitude and make sure that no misunderstandings occur.

Even after getting the job, learn how to explain what you’re doing or what you ran into that affects the project in terms of time, complexity and budget. If development is an expedition, share the hurdles, challenges, dangers of the journey you may run into. Then give options.

Don’t just give one path of the journey, present different options even if they are all marginal options. And once you’ve presented the different options, give some input as to what you’d suggest or prefer and most importantly, why.

7. Responsiveness..

Responsiveness influences the traffic that sellers receive, so sellers who want to grow their businesses should prioritize keeping a good response time and rate.

We all know you can’t be available 24/7. Sometimes you need to be away from your computer to attend to stuffs. There are night times, weekends and family time too. But

in order to maintain a good response rate, you need to make sure you respond quickly to messages and orders.

One way i keep my response rate up is by using the Fiverr mobile app. It’s available for Android and iOS apps and will provide an immediate notification whenever a buyer response is sent to your inbox. Using the app is practical for every seller who wants to improve their response time.

The app provides you quick access to your activities online. This means that, as a seller, you can get on-the-spot notification from buyers, and this makes your response to their request or enquiry faster.

Many buyers also look for sellers that are online when choosing a seller to buy from. Keeping your mobile app on at all times when not on PC will give you more opportunities to not only respond quicker but also make more sales.

8. Provide Great Service

No matter what kind of service you offer (logos, eBook covers, articles, etc.), doing it well and satisfying the client is a good practice. In my own work, I always try to deliver beyond what the client wants and even more. Doing a good job also ups the chances of getting rehired in the future. With every quality job, you not only get a satisfied customer but you get to maintain a 5 star rating.

To provide good service, you need to know what you’re selling, inside and out. That’s why i said you should learn whatever you want to offer and practice to become very good at it. If you are not good enough then there is no way you can offer good service. There is a good job, a great job and an exceptional job. The buyers can tell the difference.

Excellent service creates loyal customers for life who are willing to refer your business to friends, family, and colleagues. Providing this type of excellent service starts with a genuine desire to delight your customers.

Delivery matters to clients, especially if it’s a particularly a challenging project with lots of variables or a new approach that’s outside of the client’s comfort zone. Take the time to present the project to your client and walk them through the final product step by step. Then leave it with them to review and absorb.

Most often, they’ll both love it and have a few suggested changes. But the key to client satisfaction and the best possible final product is to get there together and show the client that they were an integral part of the project and the outcome.

Always be willing to help

Customers may ask some extra something from you, from time to time. If it doesn’t take you a lot of time to do it – say yes! It will matter a lot to them and you’ll also put yourself in a positive light.

This also applies to revisions. Yes, it’s true, some customers ask for more revisions than others. Don’t get angry if this happens. We all know your work is great, it may have just been a misunderstanding. Revisions are a normal part in the life of a freelancer, so, instead of getting upset, deal with it and be positive about it.

Pro Tip: Just to make sure that customers don’t ask for too many revisions, I always let them know that I only offer so and so number of revisions for each work we do.

Stating this from the beginning will keep them from asking you to re-do your work too many times.

9. Meet Deadlines

One of the best ways to keep clients happy besides doing a good job is to always meet deadlines. Of course, the quality of your work impacts the way clients feel about working with you. But if you are a freelancer who never misses a deadline, you’ll be a freelancer who doesn’t have to worry about losing clients.

Meeting deadlines always let you keep a roster of happy clients that will call on you as their favorite, most reliable freelance partner. If you want to never miss a deadline, be as accurate as possible with predicting the amount of time it will take you to complete a project or task and also consider those times you wont be available like on weekends.

When you start freelancing, this can be difficult to estimate as you don’t have as much experience to use to inform your plans. But with time, you learn to work with time.

If you offer a 24 hour job then you need to make sure you are available on weekends. If you wont be available on weekends, then there is no use offering a 24 hour service.

A history of excellent feedback is essential. You need to be as close to 100% positive feedback as you can, and have a high percentage of buyers leave positive feedback. The number of reviews doesn’t have to be huge. If you miss deadlines, even with a quality job, a customer might be forced to give you a bad feedback..

10. Offer Gig extras to Make More Money

When it comes to making more money from Fiverr, Upselling is a great way to make more profit.. If you’re a level 1, level 2, or a super seller, Fiverr allows you to upsell your services as ‘gig extras’.

For example, if you provide eBook cover services, offer the option for your customers to purchase editable copies of your work as a ‘gig extra’. This feature allows you to sell your services exactly how you want to, at a price you choose. You can also offer a 24 hour service if your normal delivery time is more than a day. This allows buyers who need a job done ASAP get that extra.

At the end of the month, if you look at the revenue you generated, you’ll notice that you made more money out of upselling than selling your primary gigs.

The reason why the upselling principle works is because it increases the perceived value to your clients. So instead of charging a flat fee for your services, split your services into different services and persuade your clients to buy them all for a higher price.

If done correctly, you can make more profit by this approach rather than offering a flat rate for your service.

11. Keep to Fiverr’s Terms of Service

If you must stay as a Fiverr seller then you need to keep to all the terms of service as written on their terms of service page. Most people don’t read this and many have lost their accounts and have to start all over or quit.

Fiverr is still one of the best freelance sites and with the number of buyers they have, you must do everything to keep selling here and keep making money while you can.

If you have not read the Fiverr Terms of Service page then i suggest you read it up.

Hope this really helps someone.

Abiola Oluwasanmi


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