This is the second post on this blog and before i give you you some internet marketing strategies, tips or tutorials, let me just prepare you for what you need to understand about internet marketing. In this post, you will learn the 10 Pillars of Internet Marketing just the way I see it. I will teach you everything you need to know to building an online business from the very beginning until you create your own million dollar internet marketing company.

Internet marketing is a lucrative business and its one of the best ways to make money online. But knowing what to do and how to go about it is the first step to success. You need to learn it, then do it before you sell it.

Any business is in phases. Online marketing can be divided into the learning, marketing and growth phases. You need to go from one phase to the next.

Here i give you the ten pillars of internet business.

PHASE 1.. Learning

1. Mental Toughness — Having What it Takes to Succeed Online

Here are Some Indicators that You’ll Succeed Online.

  • You’re self-motivated.
  • Your reading and writing skills are okay.
  • You’ve got great time-management and organizational skills.
  • Hardworking
  • Persistent
  • Patient
  • Always Ready to Learn
  • Goal Getter
  • Have Right Tools

You need to have all the qualities above to succeed online. Anything less is not good enough. One key thing i need to point out is patience. I see a lot of guys come online and want to start making millions the very first week. No it does not work like that. I have made millions online and i keep making more but it was not always like that.

You need to have the right attitude and be patient when learning. If you are not patient, then i am sure your chances of quitting is high. 98% of those who have tried to make money online have quit.

According to Napoleon Hill, ““Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.”.

2. Choose The Right Model of Online Marketing for You

Here is where you need to ask yourself before starting. What is My Job Online? Online marketing is about exchange of ideas or services for money. You give people what they want in form of information in exchange for their money. That’s simply how money is made online. There are however different ways to go about it. I call them online marketing models.

The models i know of include Affiliate marketing, Selling Your own Information Product, Buying & Selling Physical Products, Software creation, Blogging, Freelancing, Joining Online programs, MLM, Direct Advert From Owning Online Community etc.

The question is “where do you start?”. You need to figure out what you are good at and what you consider your best chances of making money. You can make money with any of these models but not all models are for everyone. Some are good with blogging while some are comfortable creating information products. Some are good with tech stuffs so they make software, WordPress theme or plugin etc.

If you don’t know where to start, then just pick one and learn it. Learn how its done and stick with it long enough to start making money with it. Can’t do it on your own, then get a mentor to fast track the learning process. Bottom line is that you need to find what you are most comfortable with and start from there. Don’t start with more than one model.

3. Gather Information

Now after you have picked one model to start with, its time to start doing your research. You need to learn how the model works and most importantly, you need to know if that model is profitable. The internet is about information and you need to know how to gather information you need. Information gathering is divided into two ways. External research and internal research.

Internal research involves learning about the model of marketing itself. You need to find out how it works, what it takes, tools involved and how to make money doing it. But making money with it will not be complete if you don’t do some external research. External research in the sense that, you need to know the people who are interested in this model. You need to know how they think, what they want and how they want it.

These are the people that will make you money and if you don’t learn how to manipulate and make money off them, then you won’t make much. Knowing the market and the people in the market is essential if you want to succeed online.

4. Have an Online Shop

Here is where you ask yourself how to set up shop. You need a shop to sell your stuffs. You need where your potential customers will meet you and trade their money with what you ave in stock. You need an online shop either yours or someone else’s.

There are some business models that require that you have your own shop and so to make it work, you need to learn how to design your own website. WordPress is such a good platform to start. WordPress is easy to learn and you can host your site yourself by buying hosting space. Its not expensive to get a domain or host your own website.

If you don;t have money for your own site now, get a free platform like blogger or Its free to use them.

Some other models do not require you to have a website. Freelancing for example is one of them. You can set up shop on Fiverr or freelancer and start making money right away. But i will encourage you to learn how to design your own website if you are really in this to be a success.


5. Know Your Customer

Now you have learnt how your job is to be done, what your potential customers want and now know how to set up shop, now its time to reach them and collect their money. Its time to get to know your potential customers. You need to go to where they live or meet. The right places to meet them will be where they go to search for stuffs and social gatherings. People search for stuffs on the search engines and meet for social activities on the social media sites.

Get your website indexed in Google and other social sites and also create your own social media accounts. All these are free. Best places include:

Internet Marketing Forums, Facebook Groups, Facebook Page, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Q/A sites etc.

That’s where you will find your potential customers. And if you really need to get their money then you need to make yourself a brand to be reckoned with. You need to be the guy who has what they want. You need to brand yourself and sell your brand.

6. Brand Yourself/Sell Your Brand

This is where you Invite Your Customer. Now you have social media accounts and your shop is on Google and others. Branding yourself means you need to give them what they want. The internet is meant to be a place to share stuffs for free. That should be your first mission. Give quality stuffs for free. That’s the only way to make your people notice you. Don’t sell anything at this time because then you will scare people away. Remember everyone online is there to search for information for free and not to spend money for what they can get for free.

People only buy stuffs when the free stuff is not good enough or when they know the paid stuff will give them more value and faster result. So giving out information for free will make them come to you for more. Now you are seen as the expert and the go to guy. That’s the way to win people over. You need to give them what you have in exchange for their attention.

Go to forums and help people out with their problems. Answer questions ask and the ones not asked. go to Facebook groups and share your free stuffs and ideas. In not time, you will be the guy to go to in whatever field you have chosen to work.

Create quality content on your website, blog, social media sites etc. Give out gifts etc. Now you will soon have an army of customers who are ready to buy what you have to sell to solve more of their problems. In time the free stuffs will not be enough. They will want more and that means they are ready to pay.

7. Optimizing/Targeting/Lead Generation

This is where you now compel Your Customer and Sell Your Customer. At this point also you need to take note of your potential Customer’s Responsiveness. Their responsiveness Correlates with your Success. Now use every available point of traffic to get them to buy what you have more in store that is not available in your free stuffs you gave them.

There are many ways to get traffic and once you have made yourself known, then its easy for them to respond to what you have to sell. Major traffic sources include:

Article Marketing, Blog Links, Blog Comments, Link Building, Video Marketing, Email Marketing, Solo Ads, Viral Marketing, Press Releases, Facebook, Twitter, Group Interactions, Paid Offline Adverts, Recruit Affiliates etc.

Combine all these or go with the best methods you know works best for you in order to get them to buy your stuffs. But first you will need to close the sale especially if this is your first time.

8. Close Sales

To close sale, you need to Service Your Customer. You need to Qualified your Customer’s Needs and Appeal to their Emotions. Even though they know you know a lot about their problems, they still want to ask one question or the other just to know if they are indeed doing the right thing. Remember that no one likes spending money unless its worth it. You need to close the sales and assure them that what they are paying for will satisfy them.

You need to be a salesman at this point either on phone, sales page, landing pages or email. Your ability to close sales will mean good conversion and that means money. The better you are at this, the more money you make.

9. Online Reputation Management

This is where you retain your customer. Now you have been able to sell stuffs to your customer, you need to retain them. You should understand that they will keep coming back for more as long as you have what they need or want. The moment they can’t find that or see someone better, they will leave you and means lost income.

You need to keep your online reputation solid. You need to manage your reputation and therefore keep their trust. You need to deliver what you promised and satisfy them at all times. That’s the only way to retain your customers. The more customers you are able to retain, the better your income grows. You should understand that getting new customers is not easy and so you should not let the ones you have go.

10. Rinse/Repeat — Growth

This where you need to get more from your customer. At this point, you should be focusing on growth. You need to grow your business and that’s by setting up more shop or adding more types of business. You need to get more from your customers in order to grow.

Expand your current business, create More Product, give More Support, Better communication and expand into More Niches/Models.

Its now about multiple sources of income. This is where you can afford to learn more and more models and do them.


I don’t know really because i don’t know what you are good at. Its up to you to choose one and go with it. You could just learn to create your own information product and start learning how it works now. You could choose affiliate marketing and get commissions from selling other people’s stuffs. You could just go the easiest way and go freelancing on Fiverr or odesk or seoclerk. Just look at all the methods available to you and pick one to start with.

I started with affiliate marketing and then later added CPA marketing because the models were similar. Added freelancing on fiverr and then started making information products. Some weeks ago i added a forum and now working on creating my own products to be launched on Clickbank and WordPress themes and plugins to be launched on JvZoo. Its a long way for me but i started somewhere and walked through the steps described above doing affiliate marketing.

The more you learn, the more its easier to combine many models together without wearing yourself thin yet making more and more money online.

So pick one and i am not going to tell you. Its up to you and if you have already picked one. Follow my ten steps i outlined above and apply it to any models you decide to go with. You need to follow the plan otherwise you set yourself to fail from the set go.

Internet business is just like any business offline. You need to go at it from one stage to the next one. Success is something that is easy if you have a plan and you follow it. Your success is assured if you are patient and are always ready to learn and apply what it is you have learnt.

I hope you like this post and hope it helps you understand how internet marketing works. If you need to get future updates from me, then subscribe to my blog by getting my free eBooks. Get your copy here. Thanks


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