Hello, My name is Abiola Oluwasanmi and i am an internet marketer of repute and the owner of hotspotforum.com. I have been online for few years now making money doing affiliate marketing, CPA marketing and making money on micro job websites like Fiverr.

I started my internet marketing journey back in 2010 and i have not looked back since then. I am into affiliate marketing, CPA marketing, Fiverr and i own an internet marketing forum.

I make money online with many internet marketing models and i can say i am pretty good at what i do. I also teach lots of people how to make money online on my Fiverr Marketing Forum on Facebook and also created many products like the Affiliate Code System, Information Product Machine, Fiverr Wealth System and Fiverr Fast Track programs.

Making money online is a lot of fun and its the best way to make money with peace of mind while having time to do other things you love. I enjoy what i do and i will continue to do this for a long time. Making money online and having lots of time for my family, friends and having fun.


Why Am i Blogging….

I have decided to create this personal blog of mine just to teach Nigerians how money is really made online. I see lots of information that are not correct coming out of this part of our world and i have decided to teach the real stuff.

I have created some blogs in the past but because i was not into it, it was not that much of a success. Although i still have the netplusmarketingblog and fiverrycle.biz but i have decided to set up this blog to personally teach how to make money online. They are not personal enough for me, so i am into blogging now and hope to really put my all into this.

I am a good teacher if i can say so myself and i know how to teach. Learning is easy around me and i hope to really impact in you what i have learnt over the years and inspire you to start making money like i am doing. Its going to be fun, trust me.

What Will I Be Blogging About….

Online marketing is a combination of a lot of things. A lot of marketing models to take up and run away with. Since i have a lot of experience doing lots of things, i will teaching lots of things across all major internet marketing models.

I will be blogging about Social Optimization (SEO), Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, CPA Marketing, Social Marketing, Making money on Fiverr and other micro job sites, Creating & Selling Your own products, Content Creation etc.

If you have ever been a member of Fiverr Marketing Forum then you know what i am like. I will give you quality information for free. Just stick around and visit here to get my weekly posts. if you want to be alerted, then pls sign up to my newsletter and i will inform you when i update my blog or when i have a good information to pass across to you.

There is going to be a lot of things to cover and you will learn a lot from me. I will also be in my forum passing across useful information on Hotspotforum. If you are not a member yet, you better join that forum. That is going to be the best forum out of Africa soon.

How To Make This Blog Interactive and How to Contact Me

I want this blog to be a highly interactive one so i expect you to comment and also drop your feedback in the comment section. I will also appreciate your questions which you can drop in the comment section after every post or you can contact me via my contact form and drop your question and i will attend to them.

I also will be dropping tools, useful eBooks to read and helpful videos for you as well. You can also sign up to my YouTube Channel for my video tutorials. I will be dropping good video tutorials on YouTube from time to time.

Lets start today with this useful books i got for you. These free eBooks will really help you in understanding the power of affiliate marketing and how to create your own products.The eBooks are titled Easy Cash Model Formula and Simple Profit Formula. You are going to enjoy then, trust me.
>>Download Your Copies now!>>


So this is the first of many posts to come and i will be dropping them every week. This is the introductory post. Next week, we will start the real thing, so watch out for a useful and helpful post from me.

I hope you are ready for me like i am ready for you. So i am waiting for your comment and i want to know how excited you are in the comment section. Thanks and have a nice day today.


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